Uses Of Hidden Earpiece To Cheat On Exam

Most of you people have experienced the cheating in exam once in your life. Sometimes you don’t need to cheat to get answer but ti get the experience of cheating. According to a number of people the enjoyment of student life is not fulfilled without cheating. This is not the thought of the recent generations. The process of cheating is running from generations to generations. It is obvious that people will take the chance when they are getting it freely. If you can score more in tests with the help of cheating then you will obviously like to secure more marks. There are also a number of students who are very much studious and dose not need to cheat on exam. But this article is not for them. This article is for the people who like to take the way of cheating in test. This article will help those people by providing some ideas on how to cheat on test to score more marks. This article will be very much helpful for these people.

Methods of cheating on exam with the help of hidden earpiece

 There are a number of methods to cheat on exam. You may follow any of these methods of cheating on exams. The following paragraphs of this article will tell you about the new and old methods of cheating.

 By hearing the word cheating first of we all will think about the making paper notes. This is probably the most old method of cheating. But this method can be risky. You have to hide the paper very minutely so the examiner do not get to see the paper note.

 Another old method of cheating on exam is writing in your body parts. This method is also very much risky because you have written in your body parts and you cannot erase I anytime you want to.

 The method of cheating with the help of sms is also considered as a old and also a new method since this method is not in the market since long time. To use this method to cheat on exam you will need a friend who will send you the answers so that you may write it on exam paper.

 Writing in the bottle label is also a method of cheating with a middle age. This method is not so old but not so new also. If water bottle is allowed in the exam centre then you can easily use the label of the bottle to cheat on exams.

 One of the most latest method of cheating on exams is the use of google. You will need a mobile phone and an internet connection. You can easily find the answers of the questions from google. You will find every answer there. You just need to hide your phone properly so that you may not get caught.

 The most latest method to cheat on exams is to use the hidden earpiece. The people will not know that you have inserted an earpiece. With this method you can easily get to hear the answers from your phone. You will require a help of a friend who will tell you the answers.

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