Healthier Dessert Ideas that Every Parent Should Be Aware of


Many parents feel that encouraging their children to eat healthier can be very challenging. Kids are generally more interested in eating food that tastes good than food that is healthy. Fortunately, parents can put some unique twists on old fashioned desserts to get their children to eat better. Here are some healthy options for food that you may want to offer to your children.

More Wholesome Apple Pies

Apple pies are one of the most popular desserts. Unfortunately, most apple pies are loaded with unnecessary fat, calories and free radicals. The average slice of apple pie has over 400 calories and nearly 20 grams of fat.

There are a couple ways that you can change your apple pie to make it healthier. You can cut the amount of fat considerably by using a thinner crust. The texture will be a little different, but most kids won’t even care. You can make up for it by adding wholesome apples that taste better and are filled with more nutrients.


Banana Splits Without Ice Cream

Banana splits are delicious, but they are certainly not healthy. The average banana split has nearly 900 calories and very little nutritional value. However, there are some ways to make this traditional dessert much healthier.

Momables recently shared this great idea that you may want to consider. The authors pointed out that the majority of the calories from banana splits come from the ice cream. They suggest using frozen fruit instead of ice cream. Your kids will probably love these ideas. It is probably best to just ask them to try the new dessert without telling them that they are a type of banana split that doesn’t have ice cream in it. They will probably be much more open to trying it if you emphasize the benefits.

Homemade Creamscicles

Creamsicles tend to be much healthier than many of the ice cream desserts on the market. They tend to have less than 100 calories, compared to the ice cream bars that usually have three to four times that much.

However, many commercial creamsicles are also loaded with harmful chemicals and free radicals. You can create your own batch of healthier alternatives from home. You can make them with some fresh yogurt and organic fruit juice. Some people add some honey to them as well.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Encouraging your children to eat frozen yogurt is another great way to encourage them to eat healthier. Yogurt tends to have far more antioxidants than ice cream.

You may want to consider making your own homemade yogurt. You can make sure that your children receive plenty of nutrients by adding fresh fruit and natural ingredients. You can find a number of products such as sanitizer to help you make your own frozen yogurt.

There are hundreds of different ideas out there for parents that want to make frozen yogurt. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a recipe that your children will love.

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