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There is nothing more embarrassing then displaying poor eating etiquette at the dinner table. This is especially the case if you are with a certain type of company. It can cause a cringe worthy moment to say the least. Nevertheless, if you have never been taught about proper eating etiquette, how are you supposed to know how to behave? That’s precisely why this article is here to help you, so let’s jump right in…

  • No elbows on the table whilst people are eating – There is the age-old myth that you should never have your elbows on the dinner table at all. However, you can actually have them there as long as nobody is eating. Before or after dinner you may be engaged in conversation and thus it’s fine. However, when people are eating you should never have your elbows on the table.
  • Use your utensils the right way – You are supposed to hold your fork in the left hand whilst the right hand accommodates the knife. Cut a bite sized piece of food and bring the food to your mouth (rather than your mouth to the food).
  • Taste your food before seasoning it – A lot of people rush to cover their food in salt and pepper. However, it is deemed to be bad manners if you season your food prior to actually tasting it. Thus, take a bite first and if you feel the food needs seasoning, go ahead. But don’t saturate the food in it.
  • Wait until the host indicates for you to eat – You shouldn’t start eating as soon as the food is placed in front of you. You need to wait for everybody at the table to be served. Moreover, if you are eating at someone else’s home you should wait for them to begin eating or to indicate for you to start.
  • Chew your food properly – It may seem odd that you actually have to consider chewing your food. Nevertheless, it is deemed rude to do more than one thing at once whilst at the dinner table. For instance, you certainly should not be talking whilst you are eating. Thus, make sure you take a manageable bite and chew it well before you swallow.
  • Ask for an item to be passed – Last but not least, you should never lean over someone’s plate in order to grab an item on the table. Instead, ask for the person nearest to it to pass it to you.

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