Grounding Your Garage

If your garage is like most, then you have an assortment of tools that you can use to repair items around the house as well as tools to work on the car. There could be boxes with holiday decorations or things that the kids play with outside. Make things a little more organized by using garage storage cabinet systems. First, get rid of the things that you don’t need, things you no longer use, and things that are broken. It’s sometimes better to invest in new equipment instead of trying to fix tools and other belongings only to find that they still don’t work the right way.

Begin sorting everything in the garage into piles that belong together. Put the lawn equipment on one wall and the tools that are used for working on your vehicles in their own place. Once everything is sorted, you can begin the process of putting everything in their own spaces in the garage so that it’s easier to find. When everything is put in a certain spot, add labels to cabinet doors and drawers so that you can clearly read what’s inside each one.

Consider a shelving system for cans and bulk items. Position these shelves along one wall so that they aren’t in the way of the other storage systems or the equipment that you’re working on in the garage. Try to take the attention away from your storage system as much as possible so that your garage doesn’t look like a mechanic’s shop.

 A coat rack at the back of the area or another type of eye-catching display can make it easier to focus on these details instead of oil stains on the floor or containers of nuts and bolts. Sort small items into clear boxes that are kept on a counter and labeled or containers that are kept in cabinets. Power tools can usually be kept on counters, but make sure the cords stay out of the way of other tools and away from electrical sockets so that younger children who might go in the garage aren’t tempted to turn them on and use them.

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