Few Good Reasons That Makes Single Door Fridge A Better Choice

Every family needs a fridge in India as the temperature and humidity level can easily spoil any food items stored at home. Also, in this weather everyone prefers to drink only cold water and fridge helps keep the water cool.

These days due to various improvements in technology, many kinds of fridge are available in the market. Any well-known company like Haier are marketing single door as well as double door fridge. Both have their plus and minus points, however in this article we shall try to emphasize that buying single door fridge can still be a better option for many families.

Let us highlight few good reasons why single door fridge can still be a better choice than buying an expensive double door fridge.

  1. For small family small fridge

Many families in India live in small and compact houses where keeping a bulky and oversized item can be difficult. Most of the urban families have 2 to 4 members in the family and for them single door fridge with a capacity of 180 to 215 litre is good enough. Single door fridge occupies much lesser space in the room as compared to double door fridge and also can maintain much better balance of moisture than double door Godrej  fridge. Therefore, vegetables and fridge can be maintained fresh.

  1. Consumes much lesser power

With the increase in size and capacity the power requirements also increase simultaneously. A single door fridge will draw much lesser power as compared to double door fridge. Thus, you can have considerable amount of saving in the electricity bill. There are 3-star rated single door fridge available which will consume considerably less power.

  1. Easier to clean and maintain

In general, any item that has smaller space will be much easier to clean and maintain as well. Single door fridge is also not an exception to this. Having a single door and due to its small size, there will be no hassle in cleaning them. Since this type of fridge can provide better balance of moisture, it will be easier to clean the frost. It will enable you to clean the fridge quickly and saves your time too. These days, in most of the urban families where both husband and wife go for work and hence saving time is very important.

  1. Cooling technique

The cooling techniques employed in single door fridge is quite easy and direct method while in double door fridge lots of additional fans are used to distribute the temperature. As a result, double door fridge ends up consuming more amount of power. On the other hand, the simple cooling methods employed for single door fridge can lead to considerable amount of saving in the power.

  1. Economical

If you look at the cost of any single door fridge then you will find that it is much cheaper than any double door fridge. In addition to that with extra electricity bill it can put much burden to your budget.

Due to the above reasons, single door fridge can certainly be a better option for most of the Indian families.

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