Why finding and hiring the right accountant is important?


A really small business can use Do It Yourself software in order to track their business expenses, manage the day to day affairs and keep a check on the future prospects as well. While this is possible for a small scale business, it is practically not possible for the business owner of a large scale business do it. There are so many things that one needs to work upon other than managing accounts and finance related works. Thought opting for such a DIY technique is often benefitting for few businesses in terms of cost cutting, there are often situations where one tends to miss out on any information. This is where hiring an accountant Londoncomes in to picture.


What are the benefits of hiring the right accountant?

The benefits of hiring a good accountant go way beyond book-keeping and crunching numbers. A good accountant London can potentially change the direction of a company and offer advice on financing new ventures and ensure that the business grows as intended. However, before hiring, businesses have to make sure that they have the right person for the job. It does not really matter with regards to the company size; however, choosing the best one is truly beneficial. You may want to consider the following aspects while you embark on this journey:

  • Their advisory services help a business to a great extent:  Since accountants are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge about specific business environments, tax implications etc., it would be a good gauge to ask them to comment on the general health and business outlook of a company based on the existing records.  They should be able to offer an efficient advice on personal finances, how to buy insurance for a company, business expansion by bringing in new funds and lot more related to the financial ins and outs of the company.

  • They keep up with the Record keeping: This is the most basic part of an accountant’s job.  They can help to set up a good system of keeping the books and how to use it (esp. for small businesses).  Well managed systems will let owners evaluate the profitability of the business and modify product prices.  Expenses can be monitored, budgets tracked and tax returns can also be filed if all the records are in order and up-to-date.

  • They give Tax advices: Accountants who are experts in tax related issues can provide useful insights and direction in the areas of tax planning and compliance. Tax planning can help companies reduce their tax burden.  Compliance refers to obeying all the rules put in place by the tax authorities.

  • They carry out Audits:  Audits are required by law and financial institutions.  It is especially important when a business applies for any type of loan.  There are several levels to an audit – it could be checking whether entries are posted properly, preparing financial statements and also using 3rd parties to assess and certify the accuracy of financial information provided by the company in question.


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