Finding the Right Attorney to Handle Your Personal Injury Cases

Car accidents consist of almost two-thirds of the total personal injury cases in America. Many other personal injury cases are often foreshadowed in the media due to the high percentage of car accidents. In recent years though, car accidents have lessened so enormously that the recorded amount of car accidents last year was the lowest since 1949.

However, car accidents still happen and it is important to know what precautions you should take if you were ever involved in one.

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Immediately Call the Police

If you sustained any injury during a car accident, immediately call the police. Though it might only be a few bruises and scratches, injuries are unpredictable and, often times, little problems can lead to larger problems with time.

Filing a police report will also assist you with making a personal injury lawsuit against the opposite party. Every piece of evidence will be helpful during your case, and the more you can prove, the better.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Before the police arrive to the scene of the accident, you will want to contact your insurance agent. Though it might be premature, getting the investigation process begun as soon as possible will be beneficial. The sooner the insurance agency can process your claim, the sooner you can get a possible settlement check.

Never Trust a Settlement Offer Without a Lawyer Present

Those who were injured in a car accident will often receive a settlement in the mail from the insurance agency. Under no circumstance should you accept the settlement offer without calling a car accident attorney.

Insurance agencies will attempt to give you a lesser settlement than you might be entitled to and, once accepted, the matter will be lawfully settled. No lawyer will be able to reopen the case for you upon you signing the settlement and cashing the check.

Call an Attorney Today

You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering, wages lost and medical expenses occurred. Find an attorney who has a vast amount of experience with giving clients the utmost satisfaction with their settlement cases. Your chance of success will be prominently high if you choose an attorney with a proven track record, and can give instances of cases that he has defended successfully. Do your research, call around, but don’t delay. Act soon in order to get the settlement you deserve.

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