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What is MATS?

The Fleet Forum is part of the Mid-American Trucking Show which will be held from the 27th to the 29th of March.  Louisville’s own Kentucky Exposition Center will be home to the largest trucking convention held in America.   The show will feature many exciting booths and events including performances, live entertainment, and influential guest speakers from the trucking industry. It is much more than just a simple industry tradeshow; it is America’s annual forum for the trucking industry. And if you are involved in the trucking industry in any way or wish to conduct business with members of the trucking industry, it is the place to be.

It facilitates the interaction between influential representatives from the industry and trucking professionals from across the country.  This annual event allows trucking management companies to learn about all the new trends and products in the industry to help their company build up their competitiveness.  There are hundreds of booths that feature new offerings, promotional materials to boost brand awareness, promotion of businesses, networking services, and informative displays.  Entertainment will include live performances by superstars such as Gretchen Wilson and Chris Hennessee among many others.truck on the road

The Fleet Forum

Within the main MATS event, on March 26, the Fleet Forum will take place.  The Fleet Forum is essentially a conference for executive members and VIP’s from the Heavy Duty/Commercial Vehicle industry.

This forum is an essential resource for upcoming businesses and existing businesses looking for a competitive tool.  It will feature guest speakers and many sub-events that are aimed at providing companies with a look into all the new and exiting developments in the industry’s two major sectors: Fleet Owner and Heavy Duty Trucking.  It is especially exciting because it gives attendees the opportunity to interact with and network with Fortune 500 companies from all over the United States and even the world.

Special Events within the Fleet Forum

The Fleet forum is one of the most exciting aspects of MATS this year and will feature lectures and presentations by some if the industry’s giants.   It kicks off by opening to the public at 11:30 AM and the first presentation starts at 1:00 PM, just after lunch.

The first speaker is Kenny Veith who will provide insight into the economic overview of the trucking industry.  He will discuss the recent changes in the industry based on the trucking trends collected over the past year.

After Kenny’s presentation (at 2:15 PM), an industry representative and a fleet manager (Jim Mele) will be offering their insights into the way that new regulations are affecting the trucking business which will then be followed by a moderated open panel discussion.  The panel will be open to respond to questions from the attendees.

The last presentation starts at 3:50 PM and Jim Park, HDT’s Equipment Editor will be moderating a presentation by forward thinking fleet executives.  The panel will share information on how to stay ahead of your competition, changing freight patterns, fuel economy and alternatives, digitizing your business, and how to attract the most reliable people for your truck driving jobs.

The Fleet Forum will end with a cocktail reception where all attendees can co-mingle and network with other members of the trucking industry.

Written by Paul Welch, Safety/HR manager at Shark Trucking.

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