Best exhaust fan for bathroom ventilation

Exhaust fans are those devices which help us immensely with ventilation purposes. With the help of the exhaust fans the ventilation process is improved drastically. Exhaust fans are the fans with powerful motors. Exhaust fans are of usually two types

The impeller type

The blower type

Exhaust fans are so designed that they suck out air and throw it outwards from the side facing the blades which are shot in size. In case, the exhaust has been placed in the bathroom it has to deal with a lot of moisture and dust. And this will require a very powerful and efficient fan to deal with it.

The top exhaust fans for bathroom ventilation are as follows:

  • Atomberg Exhaust Fans: Atomberg’s exhaust fans are energy efficient which makes them perfect for bathroom ventilation as it consumes less power as compared to other exhaust fans. The fan has a BLDC motor which provides optimum air flow, making the bathroom well ventilated.
  • Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling: The PV-15VQ5 ceiling exhaust fan is a device which has dolphin shaped blades when it comes to its blower wheels. This allows air to effectively and quietly move through the fan. The fan has airflow of about 150CFM; making this ceiling fan very suitable choice for bathrooms which are medium to average sized.

·         Broan 784: the device has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. The CFM of the device is 80.

·         Delta Breez VFB25AEH Signature Bathroom Exhaust Fan: when we talk about the Delta breez VFB25AEH fan then we are talking about a very intelligent device. The fan has a humidity sensor which makes it turn on when the moment is appropriate and you also don’t have to switch it off as that is controlled as well. In any case you don’t want to use such a function then there is on/off for the function as well.

  • Broan 164 2-Bulb Ventilation Heater Bath Fan: this device uses bulbs to provide heat while ventilation of our bathroom. There are two bulbs to not only help with ventilation but also provide heat to the bathroom. The device is equipped with polymeric blades and polymeric dampers which makes ita efficient in stopping the heat when the fan is switch
  • Broan QTX110HL Ultra Silent Series Bath Fan with Heater: this device is very effective and efficient in the ventilation process. The device is really silent and practically is difficult to detect by sound while operating. The heater warms the bathroom when the device is in use and the lights provided in the fan are an excellent option to be used instead of the conventional bathroom lights.

·         Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall Bathroom Exhaust Fan: if it is really difficult or sort of impossible to install a ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom then there is still option for Panasonic FV-08W01. The device is really quiet because the motor is always lubricated and the fan operates at cool temperatures and itself doesn’t produce much heat during operation which makes it have a really long life without having any damages.

·         Broan Model QTXE110FLT Bathroom Exhaust Fan: the fan has an inbuilt humidity sensor which can turn the device on when it is necessary and it can be switched off when the sensor determine an appropriate level of humidity in the bathroom. It’s a smart device having airflow of 110CFM.

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