Enhancing your home with LED strip lighting solutions

LED strip lighting

LED lighting is gradually entering the mainstream and homeowners can choose from a variety of products in this category. The major benefit of LED lighting is its energy efficiency, but there are other advantages. Here are some ways to accentuate interior and exterior decoration with LED lights.

LED strip lighting

Money Matters

Making your home or garden more beautiful will necessarily require a bit of investment, but with LED strip lights you can actively reduce the long term cost of improvements.

No LED strip lighting blog would be complete without a mention of the efficiency of this technology, so here is a look at the key facts about the lower consumption offered.
–       A fluorescent tube light measuring a metre long will consume an average of 15 watts.
–       The equivalent metre-long LED strip light will use just 7.2 watts, making it less than half as power-hungry.
–       LED strip lighting is currently more expensive up-front, but as adoption increase, costs are guaranteed to fall.

True Colours

LEDs are excellent at providing ambient lighting in standard white colours of varying temperatures and intensities. However, they can also display a significant variety of different hues within the spectrum, making them suitable for more engaging and elaborate home setups.

You might want mood lighting that can be shifted through different colours manually, or automatically to create an intriguing, beautiful effect in your home. You could also integrate them into your garden for night time illumination, throwing different shades across the foliage and lighting the way down the path.

Professionals will help you work out what can be achieved in terms of colour shifts and even the most basic strip lights using LEDs can display a dazzling array of effects.

Size Matters

Many traditional lighting solutions have their suitability for domestic use somewhat compromised by their size and shape. As well as being bulky, they are largely inflexible and require very specific housings and areas in order to be easily integrated.

With LED strip lighting you get both flexibility and discretion, allowing you to angle them around corners and on irregular surfaces, as well as hiding them in any number of places so that only their illuminative effect is visible.

This means you can enhance any room or feature, from a kitchen cabinet to a bookcase, with minimal disruption to the look of the item in question.

The efficiency of LED strip lighting means that less heat is generated, making them much safer to use in situations that might normally be inappropriate for standard incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Do It Yourself

If you are planning to improve home decoration with LED strip lighting then the ease of installation and the flexibility of this solution will be a boon.

The unobtrusive nature of this type of lighting means that some products are even self-adhesive, requiring no drilling to achieve suitable mounting. LED strip lights can also be cut to size, which means measurements as short as five centimetres can be produced.

There is no more versatile form of illumination than LED strip lighting and interior design experts regularly use this to their advantage.

Amongst all the positive points raised in this LED strip lighting blog, the comparatively steep up-front cost of such products needs to be taken into account. But with the improvements to the beauty of your home and garden, as well as the savings you will make on electricity, it is easy to justify.

Why not see what you can achieve with LED strip lights in your home and move on to a brighter future?

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