Enhance Your Look By Flaunting Traditional Punjabi Accessories

Punjabi is a different community, which comprises of style, tradition and cultural ethics, under a single platform. The exuberant lifestyle along with special colorful needs make them a class to envy. Well, you will be awestruck to see the increased popularity rate of Punjabi fashion, on a global platform. People just love to incorporate the richness of Punjabi style with their fashion forward world, and the rest is always outstanding. Juts like the Punjabi apparels, the jewelries, will also tell a different story altogether. This is a priced possession for woman of any place, and the case is just the same for Punjabi women. In case you are in love for some new jewelry style, go for the traditional Jhumkas with a twisted modern touch.

Look for the varieties available

The type and structure of Punjabi jewelries, flaunted by Punjabi women, are mostly endless. However, any ornament, which the men or women flaunt, comprises of a cultural or religious relevance, related with it. You need to be aware of the different types of ornaments worn, before jumping for a final say. The best part is that you can get your entire favorable jewelry items from leading online stores. You can avail great discount rates on those items.

Focusing towards the necklaces sections

Punjabis are madly in love with their jewelries, mostly when it comes to neck pieces. The most prominent times, when they get the option to flaunt their jewelries, are during the festive season, any special occasion or event and during any gathering sessions. The necklaces are known for their traditional styles, available in various sizes and shapes. When it comes to men necklaces, mala is the most prominent choice of all time. This is a large neck piece with intricate designs and highly embellished with beads. It hands loosely around the neck. They can even flaunt Kantha, which is an ornament, worn around the neck region without any pendant placement.

More about women necklaces

Apart from the points mentioned above, taweez is a typical amulet shaped product, tied around the arm region along with special jewel embellishments. If you want to flaunt a heavy jewelry service, go for the Zanjiri option. On the other hand, women necklaces comprise of the traditional Chandan Haar. This is worn near the collar region. Some of the other options are Champakali, made using premium quality stone and metal pendants, Mohran along with the gold coin on a silken thread and Guluband service of the jeweled collar. Other traditional ornaments for women are arm ornaments, bracelets, rings and anklets.

Other traditional ornaments

Even though, neck piece forms a major part of Punjabi jewelry segment, there are some other traditional products, which deserve special mention. Both Punjabi men and women love to flaunt traditional earrings, made using pure gold. For the male, it is known as Bala, and female earrings are known as Bali. These are large rings, comprise of pearl strung. However, you can even get hold of smaller Murki rings, which are manufactured using multiple studs. These are also known as Dur. IN case you are looking for an ornamental tassel, then Duriach is the primary option to focus at. You can try and avail the best quality products from https://ourpunjab.com/.

Adorning the turban with jewelries

Wearing a turban is a part of the traditional Punjabi men, which is also another trademark option. In order to decorate the turban and increase the graceful look of the product, various types of beads and embellishments are used. The turbans are mostly decorated during the wedding ceremony, where everything needs to be perfect and of top class nature. These are some of the most prominent jewelry and additional Punjabi accessories, gaining worldwide popularity.

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