The Elements of a Quality eCommerce Website

Running a successful eCommerce website requires you to offers great products and even better prices. But, how is it that some really great companies that offer quality products at rock bottom prices and follow it up with exceptional customer service aren’t as successful as they should be? Their websites are lacking a few key elements that make them customer friendly. Online shoppers want their shopping to be effortless and many eCommerce website owners are simply lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to create the shopping experience their customers demand, leaving them to wonder why they can’t grow their businesses. Are you landing all the business you could? If your eCommerce website is missing a few of these key elements, you could be.

shopping cart design

Easy accessibility and navigation

Having an easy to read, easy to navigate eCommerce website is an absolute necessity for businesses trying to cash in on the online shopping revolution. However, few business owners understand how to accomplish this feat. Your eCommerce website needs to showcase your wares prominently and make them easy to purchase. In addition, your site needs to be accessible and usable from any browser on any device. It’s one of the reasons that responsive website design is a vital part of any eCommerce web design strategy.

While flashy websites might look cool on the surface, the truth is that they are distracting and make online shopping confusing. The most successful online retailers know that the simpler the website design is, the more sales that it lands. Don’t waste time and money on flashy introductory graphics and videos. Leave the background music and custom pointers behind and present a straightforward, easy to use, and professionally polished website that is uncluttered. It will not only land you more sales, but help build your brand identity.

Easy-to-use shopping cart design and checkout
Your eCommerce website’s layout and design is one thing. Your shopping cart is another. If you present a customer with a great store and then present them with a confusing shopping cart and checkout process, they will leave their cart at the register and head over to another store. You need to offer a full shopping cart that offers a well organized and easy to read table design as well as an easy way to pay using the payment methods customers want to use. You can do this via a step by step check out process or a one page design. Just keep your forms short, balanced and well organized and ensure that your shopping cart and check out process is secure in order to bolster confidence in your customers.

Your business practices and goods are just one part of a successful online business. The other aspect is having a well thought out, well laid out and functional eCommerce website.

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