Drivers Fight Back Against Potentially Unfair Parking Tickets

Drivers all over the UK have been forced to deal with a new reality. Driving is getting more expensive because of the parking situation. In addition to parking tickets issued by the government, many people have been forced to deal with the reality of private parking tickets, as well. ParkingEye issues tickets when drivers are sitting in parking lots of grocery stores and other places. These tickets can be quite expensive, with drivers being charged hundreds of dollars for going over by a few minutes. Companies like Parking Cowboys and others are helping people deal with the effects of these tickets.

Today’s drivers don’t have to pay these tickets. There are many different defenses to these tickets, including showing that the driver was not in the parking lot for too long. In addition, people can write appeals arguing that the ticket was too expensive. Questions have been raised recently by many drivers about whether it is truly fair to impose a hundred pound ticket when the violation was so small. These issues are being raised so much that the Parking Eye company has been forced to reconsider its fines.

In addition, there are people who are appealing their tickets and just deciding not to play. Because these tickets are not given by a government, the enforcement power is somewhat limited. They can file lawsuits and try to use collection measures, but given the somewhat small nature of the tickets, it is difficult for the private parking companies to recover the money. This is a good thing for people who are charged, since they have options other than just paying the ticket outright.

In the UK today, people who drive have to be ready for significant costs. Private parking tickets are getting bigger and bigger, and individuals have to be willing to fight the tickets. The good news for drivers today is that they don’t just have to pay the ticket. They can fight the ticket by filing appeals, getting companies to deal with their appeals on their behalf, and by simply ignoring the ticket because of the limited nature of these parking companies to collect the money on their tickets.

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