The Four Distinct Seasons of Vernon

The City of Vernon is in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  The affordable Vernon real estate market provides residents a wonderful lifestyle with the amenities and services of a larger centre. The four distinct seasons in Vernon add to the allure of the city and make Vernon a great place to call home in any season.


Vernon’s climate is a humid, continental climate.  This can be described as a climate with large seasonal variations with warm to hot summers and cold winters.  The precipitation for this type of climate is usually evenly distributed throughout the year.  Vernon’s average temperatures include:

  • January average temperature: -4 Celsius or 25 Fahrenheit.
  • July average temperature: 20 Celsius or 68 Fahrenheit.

Vernon also boasts over 301 sunny days a year, with 2,027 hours of sunshine.  It also records only 426 millimeters which is less than 17 inches of precipitation annually.  By comparison, Vancouver is sunny for 289 days and records 1457 millimeters or over 57 inches of precipitation per year.


Vernon’s hot and relatively dry summers make it the perfect place to enjoy outdoor recreation on its famous beaches and lakes. Vernon is surrounded by three lakes which offer an abundance of fishing, boating, swimming, and other water related activities.

In addition to the beach and lake scene Vernon is also home to several golf courses.  Among these is the prestigious Predator Ridge Resort.  This resort is one of only two resorts in western Canada that has been ranked by Score Magazine as one of Canada’s 25 best golf courses.  Predator ridge has hosted the Skins game twice and is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Vernon also provides excellent mountain biking and hiking opportunities.  Silver Star provides lift accessible downhill mountain biking and there is a network of trails in and around the city.  The best part about bike riding in Vernon is the opportunity to jump into the lake to cool yourself down right after your ride.


Ideal downhill skiing weather and proximity to Silver Star makes skiing the most popular winter activity in Vernon.  Silver Star offers an excellent selection of both Nordic and alpine skiing for all levels and is popular with locals and tourists alike.  The Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is home to over 50 km of alpine track and has hosted world cup events.

Hockey is another winter pastime with the city offering excellent minor hockey programs and housing its own junior hockey team.  The Vernon Vipers are one of the most successful junior hockey teams in the country.  They have won the Royal Bank cup 6 times, and most recently back to back.

Curling also has a strong following in Vernon with many club options.  The city has hosted several major curling events over the past years, including an international event in 2008.


Although Vernon’s spring is brief it is one of the most picturesque seasons in the city.  The Okanagan Valley is famous for its fruit, and the newly blossoming fruit orchards that surround the city provide a stunning backdrop. Spring skiing at Silver Star is perhaps the most popular activity of the season.  The warm and sunny days mixed with the abundance of winter snow make spring skiing a must do.

 The city also offers an excellent selection of activities and classes that are available in one of Vernon’s many community centres.


Fall in Vernon is usually just an extension of summer with warm days and little rain.  September and October can be two of the most spectacular months to enjoy all that Vernon has to offer.  By then the tourist crowds have died down, so you can enjoy the many beaches and activities without the crowds.

Fall also provides excellent hiking and mountain biking as the days are cooler.  The wide outdoor expanses and their accessibility make hunting a popular pastime as well.

These are just a few of the many activities and opportunities that abound in the City of Vernon.  If you are interested in looking at some of the exciting Vernon real estate opportunities that are available or would like more information on the city, I recommend you contact Lisa Salt through her website at  I saw a lot of good information there.


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