Diamonds Are Forever


Oh those glittering gemstones and a woman are best friends…

Diamonds are the ultimate epitome of silent authority, confidence and regal aura. It signifies Venus.

The diamond is often attributed the energy of strength and clarity power. They project wealth and status. They are considered the hardest natural material on earth as they resist breakage. So consequently, diamonds are considered very stable.

Of course, the rainbow brilliant radiance of a shining cocktail gem adds a very powerful note to its invincible strength. This energy of strength is considered to benefit the one who wears this enthralling, alluring classy gem.


Wearing a diamond was considered to protect one from evil’s eye or negative energy attacking one from outside. Because of its structural integrity, a diamond rarely has any major intrusions that can change it or lower its value. When specific impurities or foreign substances are present, very often their presence increases the value of the diamond. Such is the example of different hues and textures of the gem stones. The blue and pink handsome glossy stones are highly sought after as well as the brown ones.

The energy of diamond represents purity and deep love, integrity, luxury. It is also energizing, promoting spiritual and creative evolution. The clarity of purpose and power are the main features of adorning this alluring gem.

There are 4 C’s, i.e. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight are the deciding factors that determines value of a diamond.   Diamonds come in different forms most popular being marquise, round, princess cut etc which gives your gemstone a very glamorous appearance. Solitaire is the most valuable and the classiest amongst all diamonds. It is also the most expensive of the rocks.

Diamond necklaces and studs are also very popular and alluring on creative people. The solid gemstone looks so cool that it can be an attention getter in any group.

You definitely cannot’ give a miss’ to a divinely shimmering diamond necklace or a unique rainbow colored diamond stud on a beautiful neck and those glistening chandeliers adorning your dainty ears.

Even on a greater fashion scale or perhaps to a fashion police, the variety of different colored marvelous gemstones can look very special and enthralling to the eyes of the beholder.

Wearing a stylish classic princess-cut gem in chevron will set to a romantic candle lit dinner with your loved ones. It is an icing on the cake or just adorning yourself in a marquise or classy diamond pendant to a very formal business presentation adds value to your overall personality. Wearing that single pendant of diamond shaped in a form of a heart for a party can do wonders. What about the engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond or asscher cut gemstone, it will enhance your partner’s love and respect for you.

Wear your diamonds and flaunt it. Do it in a manner as if you are wearing your seal of confidence and courage and enjoy your shimmering chic and classy stones that last forever.

Joanna S. Tyler

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