Dentists for the Entire Family


All members of the family need access to proper dental care. A general dentistry practice can usually accommodate toddlers, children, teens, adults and seniors. With each age there comes a specific dental concern that can be treated properly by a board certified dentist.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on treating toddlers and young children. For example, such specialists monitor the health of milk teeth. Dentists can extract some of these “temporary” teeth for several reasons. For example, some milk teeth may have to be extracted to make way for the future eruption of permanent teeth. Additionally, some milk teeth are prone to rotting and turning into unsightly brownish colors. A Taylorsville dental practice is an example of a service that can accommodate young children and teens.

Pediatric dentistry also covers some basic issues involving orthodontics. A dentist usually notices some common problems that may require orthodontic treatment. For instance, dentists can detect early signs of overcrowding and bad bites. Referrals can be made to a local orthodontist in order to fix any problems. Large gaps between the teeth also warrant the attention of a qualified orthodontist.

Before an orthodontic treatment can begin, some teeth may have to be removed. Additionally, an orthodontist may have to wait for certain permanent teeth to fully erupt. A dentist makes sure that all undesirable teeth are extracted in order to make way for orthodontic treatments. While wearing braces, patients can still visit a dentist in order to receive routine treatments and procedures such as cleanings and fillings.

Oral hygiene may get worse in patients that wear braces. Metal wires and other components make it difficult to brush certain spots of the teeth. Therefore, bacteria may grow in specific spots around the metal brackets of braces.

After braces are taken off, dentists may play an important role in restoring the appearance of teeth. The brackets may create a color contrast on the teeth that were bonded to metal parts. A dentist can apply special whitening in order to cover up any unnatural spots on teeth that have been treated with braces.

dentistThe gums may also be sensitive after braces are taken off. Dentists can recommend certain mouth rinses that could help ease the pain for the fragile and loose gums. Plaque can also build up around the metal brackets that are worn during orthodontic treatment. Such harmful solid deposits can be fully removed by qualified dentists.

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