Firstly, I want to ask you what is dance for you. I heard many people saying that dance is my life, some say that I can’t live without dance, some say I am crazy about the dance. Different people have different views about the dance. Some people told me that it is their dream to become the” god of dance”. Spirit of doing dance plays an important role. Some people can learn dance by just by watching the other people but some require hard work and more practice to learn

Dance is hobby of most of the people. We can say that it is a cultural activity. As we watched our family members danced in many occasions like birthday party, marriages, ceremonial and cultural functions etc. In the school many dancing competitions are also organized. So we can say that without dance our function can’t complete. Dance makes any function more enjoyable. People of every age can dance.

As you see in marriages all the members from a small child to a grand person everyone dance. Some people do not have need to learn, how to dance. Like we have not learnt our folk dance but we can do that with very ease. But to become professional dancer, you have the need of a trainer who can teach you the different techniques of dance.

But you should have the spirit of dance.

Firstly start with the basics. And by taking few classes you can become a good dancer. You have to learn that how to dance on the dance floor. They can also become a choreographer as for dance choreography plays an important role. To know more about dancing visit, Dance Reverie NYC School.

Many doctors also say that dance is the best exercise for physical and mental growth. Dance also helps to build the confidence. A dancer is more confident and fit than a non-dancer. Anyone can dance according to his liking such as some persons like solo dance and some group dance. There are also many forms of dance like hip hop, tango, salsa, lindy hop and hustle. Dance is done at so many occasions like, wedding. So, to know more about dancer at weddings, visit, nyc wedding dance

Timing plays a very important role, everything should be done within time and with the fluctuation in the beats. Facial expressions and eye movement also plays important role. In a group dance there must be synchronization among all the members of the group. In schools dancing classes are provided to the students from the primary classes which help students to become a professional till the higher studies. This will help students mentally and physical growth.

With the changing time, dance forms are also changing. Now the many forms of athletics also included in dance like skating, martial arts and gymnastics etc. In these days the competition is hard than the previous time. For this you will require professional trainee. And it is difficult to choose a good trainer. For this you can take the help of internet.

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