Best CRM Solutions That Can Boost Your Profits

World’s most reliable CRM platforms and how entrepreneurs can use them in their business processes

CRM software has long become one of the most widely used web tools in business. Such platforms help to improve customer relations and increase sales. Let us see what developers offer best CRM solutions.

Companies of all scales often note that their customer relations are far from being ideal. Longer order execution times, too cumbersome client database, insufficient post-sale service, and inability to attract new customers – these are quite common problems that any firm can experience: from small IT startups to giant financial organizations.

Modern developers offer a great web solution – a specialized platform that combines a multitude of CRM tools. These tools facilitate a great number of business operations, both daily and strategic. CRM products will help you to keep a well organized customer database, run efficiently all meetings and brainstorm sessions, and complete your projects in a more quick and smooth way.

Online CRM solutions also improve working relations within a company. Thanks to clear business process management schemes, they let employees understand their role in each and every project and exclude task overlapping or missed deadlines. Besides, contemporary developers offer fresh and intuitive interface which facilitates the use of such platforms and improves employee satisfaction.

CRM system may come as an online or cloud version. Online products are typically chosen by big established companies that can afford having a spare server room and a team of IT specialists. On the other hand, cloud-based CRM solutions have proved to be more convenient for small firms and those who prefer flexibility. Last but not least, some developers also offer mobile versions which are indispensable for managers that have to travel a lot or for companies without permanent office spaces.

Hence, there is no lack of available solutions, and in order for you to decide what is best for your company, we have prepared a global list of TOP 5 CRM platforms. Our favorites are:

Let us discuss all these types of CRM programs in more detail.


Bpm’online has been working in the market of automated business solutions for 13 years already. The company’s products are designed for middle-scale and big entities.

Bpm’online platform offers many wise web tools for optimizing your customer relations. The main blocks of tools include database, statistics and analytics, calendar and notifications, and internal workspace. The software helps to unite all business operations in a single process and increase business efficiency significantly.

The developer also offers fresh design and intuitive interface deprived of irrelevant information. The platform is quite user-friendly and can be used even by employees who are not quite familiar with technical innovations.


Pipedrive is a well-known CRM system for small firms and individual entrepreneurs. The system is very easy-to-use and helps to unite all sales operations in a single process. Pipedrive will ensure that you will not miss important meetings and phone calls and complete all projects in time.

The platform is compatible with many Google Apps which is one of the main advantages for the majority of users. Among other convenient options is simple setup and running, the opportunity to organize various email campaigns, and a clear visualization of all numerical business data.


Avidian is a good CRM platform based on Microsoft Outlook program. This program is well known to almost all entrepreneurs, and this is what makes it especially handy.

The software facilitates the sales process and provides great opportunities for efficient customer relations management. The developer positions itself as a great web tool not only for typical companies but also for non-profit organizations, government bodies, mortgage brokers etc.

Avidian is available in all three versions – desktop, cloud and mobile (though iOS only). Users specially note that the software gives a clear and convenient overview of forecast and factual numbers.


Bitrix offers highly secure web solutions for improving employee productivity and optimizing internal business operations. This CRM system helps to make individual tasks clearer and thus reduces overall project execution time.

The platform comes in desktop, cloud and mobile versions and is perfectly compatible with all modern devices. There is also an online support service which is appreciated by many users.

Bitrix provides excellent data and contact management options and is a good CRM planner. The only possible drawback is a rather high level of complexity of this platform which makes it slightly cumbersome for small companies and startups.


The fifth candidate in our list of TOP CRM software is ProsperWorks. It is the designed exclusively for Google. The platform helps to establish and run customer relations, manage all client data in a very efficient way and keep track of all sales contracts and other documents.

ProsperWorks facilitates business processes, generating necessary tasks on the basis of the project information you set. The system is highly consistent and user-friendly and can also be integrated with other apps and programs than Google. However, some users note not fully informative statistics reports and inability to view emails older than 12 months.

This list of CRM providers is obviously not exhaustive. The choice of the best software depends on the needs of a particular company, its scale and business area.


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