Why Should You Choose Labiaplasty? The benefits


Due to the factors like age or pregnancy, the labia minora can sag can hence it could be very uncomfortable to do some everyday activities. While these factors are normal, the change in labia is not normal in some people and hence it hinders the everyday activities like riding a bike or folding of the labia during intercourse. These are not only irritable, but also cause pain. Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that is done in order to reduce the length of the minora labia. Hence, many women are popularly opting for this surgery to ease the discomfort. You can get complete guidance and care about Labiaplasty at Labiaplasty Denver.


The effect of natural processes on each woman is different and it is particularly different after childbirth. Due to these factors, the vaginal lips, also known as labia become larger and they cause a lot of problems. Labiaplasty is a procedure performed only on the outer female private parts so as to give the labia a proper appearance.The most common method used is where the excess skin is removed and the labium is sewed directly.

Importance of Labiaplasty

The first reason that many women are choosing to get a Labiaplasty done is for aesthetic reasons. The appearance of labia makes them unhappy about their appearance and they can be self-conscious. Apart from that, it can also cause discomfort when you wear tight clothes like tight pants or bikini or even tight uniforms on a regular basis. Larger vaginal lips can also be causing pain during intercourse rather than making a pleasure. With those many reasons, woman may feel uncomfortable, self-conscious and this may result in decreased confidence levels. Hence, many women find it to have positive effects on their life if they undergo Labiaplasty.

Benefits of Labiaplasty:

  1. The first reason is of course for aesthetic reasons of look and appearance. This boosts a lot of confidence in a woman.
  2. Feeling comfortable in any type of clothing as there is no pressure of clothes on the labia.
  3. With an improved level of comfort and a better look, they feel more confident. Thus resulting in an increased self-esteem as well.
  4. There is no pain, discomfort, irritability while doing any regular activities.
  5. No problems of pain during an intercourse

After surgery:

Though there are many procedures followed, the patient can usually leave the hospital on the same day with a minimal amount of pain and discomfort. You may be prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics as you leave the hospital. At Labiaplasty Denver, patients are given complete information about the procedure and the care they look for.

If the procedure done is using lasers, then it is less risky than compared to procedures like resection which involve full sedation and hence there is a risk of anesthesia.

There could be some problems like irritation, bleeding that can lead to infection which can transfer to blood and may have other serious complications. Hence, a proper care is essential.

You can return to work after 4 days of the surgery. However, returning to your daily activities needs at least 3 weeks including sexual intercourse.

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