The Changing Phases of Philanthropy- Steven Scansaroli Shows You the Path

Charity with time has turned out to be the domain of the rich industrialists. Large corporate houses are more and more associated with these charitable institutions and give a portion of their lifetime achievement for a noble cause. The new generation millennials have never consorted to the conventional ways of doing good, and are thinking of new ways.

What Steve Scansaroli believes is the best part, these charitable activities have been brought out at large to the entire community with the help of the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Not only this new generation doing good for the community on their own, but they have also taken up steps to motivate the entire crowd and come together as a community. There are several forums where a lot of discussion takes place, posts are being put up, and people are even discussing to make things better. According to some of the reports presented, $59 trillion of the fund has been accumulated and transferred to the charitable activities in the last couple of years. And there is no particular trend in selecting the needy. Right from aging baby boomer to the veterans, everyone is receiving attention to these GenX millennials.

How Steven Scansaroli Notices Few Changes in Charity- Then and Now

Earlier, people used to earn their living for three fourth of their life, secure their future, and once they have crossed three fourth of their life, thought of doing some good so that it is accounted in their list of doing good. But the new generation philanthropists do not wait for the sunset of their life to start giving. They have realized that the needs are increasing every single day and the resource has sufficient importance. Hence, they have started giving back to the community right from an early age.

Philanthropy also has a deep impact on the economy of a nation. As more and more funds are being collected and they are being transferred to a certain section of the society, every transaction helps the economy to grow stronger. And also a noticeable character in the GenX millennials is how they do not segregate profit and philanthropy. Even a couple of decades back, people had two separate buckets for their money, one for profit and the other for philanthropy. But now, the GenX millennials believe to have one big bucket where both profit and philanthropy co-exist peacefully.

Doing well for others is also a part of the communal life, and the sooner the line between profit and philanthropy gets blurred, the better it gets as a society. There is going to be a time when philanthropic investments will not more be shown in the official estimates of charitable giving. Steve Scansaroli has been with several such philanthropic activities, and he believes that it is essential people start thinking of the others staying around. Not all are privileged in this world to meet their day ends, and being fellow human beings, it is essential to think of them as well.

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