Casters Can Streamline Your Day

When you have to move things across hard surfaces on a regular basis, from equipment trolleys to office chairs, having the right casters can make it easier. Whether you are looking for furniture which already has casters or trying to learn how to add wheels to what you have, it is a good idea to know what these items are, how they work and where to get them.

What Are Casters?

Casters are wheel assemblies commonly seen on furniture, heavy equipment and dollies to ease movement over hard surfaces. You can find small or large casters in a variety of configurations and types to help with all your needs. These units generally have an attachment plate or stem, a wheel, and an axis. Some units may have a swivel capability or even a lock. The right one for your needs depends on how you need them to function and look.

How Do They Work?

Different types of casters will work in different ways, but, you attach a caster assembly to the bottom of your furniture to more easily move it across hard surfaces. Many casters are made of impact resistant materials which can handle different weights without becoming difficult to move or misshapen. Choosing the right casters for your project means knowing the weight of the item and the specifications of the casters.

Where Can You Get Them?

Where you get your casters depends on how you are looking to attach them to items. If you are a furniture manufacturer, then you will need a larger order than the average home do-it-yourself guru. Fortunately, there are vendors and manufacturers who can sell to both of these customer types through online portals.

Whether you are putting your heavy equipment on locking and impact resistant wheels or just need to replace a caster on your favorite chair, having the right tools for the job is important. When it comes to casters, this starts with knowing what they are, how they work and where you can get them.

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