What Should You Look for When Buying an Air Conditioner?

The summer solstice is only a month and a half away. If you don’t already have an air conditioner, then you will probably want to buy one before temperatures start to rise. Here are some things that you will need to keep in mind before purchasing one.

Optimal Efficiency

You will want to compare energy efficiencies between different air conditioners before selecting one. They can vary significantly between different companies.

You will probably want to look at the newest models on the market. The most recent models can usually cool as effectively as their predecessors that were twice the size. This means that you will be spending considerably less money on cooling costs over time. Unless you can find a used air conditioner at a steep discount, it is a good idea to buy the latest, most energy efficient one on the market.

You will want to look to see if the air conditioner has an SEER rating. This is available on all air conditioners that have received Energy Star certification from the Environment Protection Agency. Air conditioners that have this certification will be at least 20% more efficient than those that met the most basic federal regulations.

Feedback from Contractor

Many homeowners hire contractors to install their air conditioners for them. If you are planning on working with somebody else, then you should consult with them before choosing your AC. Many companies that sell air conditioners also have teams to help install them. Of course, they will encourage you to purchase their own products, but at least they can help you choose a model that is right for your home.

Air Conditioner

Your contractor may charge you more for a larger air conditioning system. You will want to factor this into your total costs. They will also give you feedback on which systems tend to perform the best.

Look at Warranties and Customer Support

You will want to find out what warranties the manufacturer provides. You should pay close attention to the warranty even if the product has great reviews. Even the best brands on the market can suffer from performance problems.

The industry standard warranty is about two and a half years. However, you will want to try to keep your air conditioner for at least twice that long to get your money’s worth. Try looking for an air conditioner that comes with a warranty of four to five years.

In addition to having a warranty, you will want to know that the company offers good customer service. Many companies will send someone to your home to investigate any problems with it.

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