Bob Simonds & Variety Can STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood?

Moviemaking has always been a difficult business and in more cases than not it always helps to have a substantial financial backup when things go south. It has been found time and again that studios with excellent business strategies and good films to their name have eventually found it difficult to sustain themselves in an industry that is fickle and always changing. Even experience and budget control techniques have not always been able to help studios who find it difficult to deal with the challenge of just a few flops or misses in a row. Even companies like DreamWorks and Orion Pictures have had their shares of pitfalls.

Bob Simonds, a movie producer who has been in this industry for more than the last 20 years and has hits to his name such as Problem Child, The Wedding Singer and The Pink Panther, has recently launched STX Entertainment, a film production and distribution company that is also known for marketing films, television programs and digital media. Unlike some of the leading studios these days that focus on making big budget superhero movies that cater to a specific type of audience who are interested in them, the company has chosen to take a different path creatively and come up with movies that would appeal more to a mature audience. For the last few years, the craze for superhero movies have create a dearth of films that would appeal to a more mature and serious audience. With his new company STX Entertainment, Bob Simonds aims to go back to traditional filmmaking approach that can generate great movies with strong storylines and gripping performances.

The studio has already attracted a lot of attention with its unique ideology in terms of making movies. Plenty of actors and directors who have already worked with the studio have opened up about their positive experiences. STX Entertainment is slowly developing its roots in this industry, working on projects that include some of the best names in the industry. This has naturally encouraged others to sign up contracts with them and be a part of movie projects that can do wonders for their film careers.

Numerous industry insiders and journalists are currently asking the question Bob Simonds & Variety: Can STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? The truth is that while Bob Simonds has got many years of experience as a film producer and he has already encouraged numerous investors to be a part of the STX Entertainment, he still needs to have a series of breakthrough hits that is going to make it easier for him and his movie production company to secure position as the next major studio in Hollywood. Unlike some of the other studios with great aspirations that have failed over time, STX Entertainment does have the financial strength at the present moment that will help them to see things through in case they have some poorly performing movies. However, they still lack the finances that they could have generated from multiple hits to their name.

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