The Most Bizarre Things You Could Legally Crowdfund For

Ever since crowdfunding became popular, people have been using the idea to fund really bizarre projects. Some of these have little or no value and others are simply out there as a joke. Although such ideas are common in crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, a lot of these things are perfectly legal in India and can be very obviously executed. Here are some bizarre things to crowdfund for and get away. Good luck using them on crowdfunding.

Dates: Don’t be surprised. It has been done before. You can ask people to give you money to pay you for dates. You could say that you are looking for love in a time of crisis. Make sure that you write on the plea that you are only interested in adult, consenting women.

Cat eared earphones: Yes, these have been a success at the international crowdfunding market. You can use such quirky ventures and get crowdfunding. The internet will never get tired of cats anyway.

To innovate new food: A Kickstarter user wanted to make a potato salad but did not want to lose money making it. His appeal went viral and he ended up being funded with more than 50,000$ to make that one plate of salad. This craze around food leads me to think you can crowdfund to open your own business.

Your makeup: Seriously, there is no end of people trying to set up fundraisers in order to beautify themselves. But some people even managed to come up with an idea for a laser razor. Make up is mostly legal, used by plenty of people and expensive. You could obviously use crowdfunding to try and raise money to buy makeup. It is a creative idea, and it is legal.

Your underwear: People have previously supported some bizarre panties designs and helped them come to fruition. Although this happened in the first world where people have a lot of money to spare, in India, you can definitely crowdfund for your underwear. Again, this is legal and nobody can stop you from crowdfunding the cost of your underwear which is an essential consumer necessity. Hey! It is an issue, okay? Lots of people do not have access to it.

Floating pools and more: A campaign on Kickstarter gathered 16,000$ to open a pool in the middle of a river in New York City. While this article does not in any way suggest that the same be done in an Indian city, crowdfunding for your pool and your swimming expenses are an option. Again, legal stuff nobody can catch you for.

Basically, the point we are trying to drive across is this. Anything is possible in the age of crowdfunding. Heck! Some people even tried to produce a TARDIS (Dr. Who fans will get the reference) in space using crowdfunding. So, no idea is too bizarre for crowdfunding. While all this is certainly entertaining to read about, to see a change from medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding would be interesting.

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