Benefits of Trash Recycling for North Haven


Simply put, recycling trash is nothing more than common sense. But how many of us North Haven residents are actually doing our bit to recycle garbage? Yeah I know, it’s easier to just dump everything in one bin instead of sorting it into recyclables and trash. So for your sake and for the sake of the environment, here are a few points describing how recycling can truly be beneficial for North Haven.


Benefits of Trash Recycling

  • Recycling preserves natural resources. Activities like manufacturing paper and extraction of metal deep from within the earth’s crust are harmful to nature. We can plant trees, but what about ores? They will be exhausted if we don’t stop digging them out! Instead, you recycle metal and paper and you have helped to preserve the ores and prevented destruction of forests.
  • Manufacturing new material causes heavy pollution. Producing paper leads to deforestation which increases the level of greenhouse gases. Similarly, extracting metal also uses up massive amounts of fossil fuels leading to climate change and global warming. But recycling goes a long way in preventing unnecessary destruction of trees and use of gas and petroleum, considerably reducing pollution.
  • Recycling is perhaps the best way to reduce the need for landfills. Landfills take up a lot of space, are filthy, revolting, and spew a lot of harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Make an effort to recycle paper, plastic, metals, glass and other materials to lessen the negative effect of landfills on our city.
  • This is probably the best part. Recycling is a great way to earn money! After you have sorted the trash, haul it down to a recycling facility to make a few quick bucks for yourself! For instance, H. Goodmaster & Son and Sims Metal in North Haven are metal recycling facilities where you can trade in your scrap metal for a handsome return!
  • Job creation is another advantage of recycling. The recycling industry supports a diverse job market and requires employees possessing a vast gamut of skills. It also encourages the growth of industries that are involved in developing and sustaining green technologies.

Before tossing away any item in the trash, check what’s printed on the back. Most items, especially packaging, specify clearly whether they can be recycled or not. You’ll realize your garbage bag is a lot lighter and the recycling bin a lot fuller! Haven’t you saved on your monthly trash payment? Where will you sell the recyclables? Most recyclables including plastic can be traded in at Custom Recycling Inc. and for your metal you can visit Sims Metal. Get their contact details here.

The bottom line is – recycling is good for the planet. Commit to it, for yourself, for North Haven, and to allow future generations to enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment!

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