Avast Antivirus: How to fix the issue

When there is an issue with your PC due to Avast antivirus installation files, it will be clearer to you if certain symptoms are observed in your system. The clear symptoms of Avast antivirus error include -slow system performance, unusual locking up of programs in PC, system freeze, shutdown or startup problems, blue screen error, and other installation errors.

It is a known security service that can help the system keep safe against various spyware, malware, and the virus that can terribly damage the system and software that are installed on it.

Cause of Avast antivirus error

When you go for updating your Windows system, some of its vital registry files or DLL files gets corrupted or may be missing in your system.

Due to your bad execution while installing or uninstalling any application that is affected by Trojan or Virus in your PC.

Your device drivers are either wrongly installed or out-of-date.

Steps to fix Avast Antivirus

If you are worried on how to fix Avast antivirus error, you can do this either by an effective system repair tool or manual process.

System Optimizer

You can use a nice system repair tool or optimizer that can repair and clean your operating system issues automatically. It is 100% efficient, safe and a clean method to repair PC issues.  It not only resolves issues with Avast antivirus in your PC but also it performs a periodic scan and Windows error checkup along with it.

System Optimizer benefits

  • It cleans all the Windows registry errors on your PC.
  • It helps to remove or avoid viruses, malware, and spyware quickly.
  • It cleans useless shortcuts in your system and optimizes it.
  • It helps in the installation of latest windows update and fixes update error.
  • Downloads dll files and fix common PC error code.
  • Provides backup for your important files.

Manual Avast antivirus fix

Uninstall recent software

If you have installed Avast antivirus recently and getting errors, uninstall it first using the control panel option on your PC. Then reinstall the program with correct settings.

Windows Update

Click on Start and search for Windows update using the search box on your screen. Check for the latest updates for your Windows that are compatible with Avast antivirus.

System file checker

Using a system file checker on your system can help you with scanning the damaged files in your system and automatically fix it. You should never ignore the bad system files in your system that can influence its entire operation. It may cause your computer to be unstable and create problems with antivirus program like Avast, that is installed in it.

You may run this system file checker by following steps. Go to Start and then type cmd. Right click on it to run as admin. On command prompt screen, type SFC /scannow and then press enter.

Safe Boot

You can go to Start button and type MSCONFIG. A pop-up dialog box appears, click on Boot option. Check on Safe Boot option followed by Network and then reboot your PC.







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