Make it Auto-matic: 5 “Must Do” Items to Check Before Shipping Your Car

Shipping Your Car

As soon as you decide to ship your car, you will need to take a look at the following checklist of “must do’s” before your car is picked up for transport. You’ll save time and money in the end.

 √ – Do your own inspection. Wash the exterior of your car as this will help you find all the marks, dents and damages to reference. Take pictures of everything that you find and then write down where they are located. This will help tremendously when you inspect your car after it reaches its destination.

 √ – Review the interior. Any items inside your car that have been added after you bought the car should be removed. Items such as your GPS, EZ Pass, DVD Player, and all other detachable systems should not be stored in your car. And do not pack any expensive items in the trunk; you just took all expensive items out, so do not put others back in.

  √ – Make sure you car is in working condition. If you do not know much about cars, than have a mechanic take a look at it before you ship it. And of course if you do know about cars, take a look at it yourself. Someone will need to drive your car onto the truck, plus it would be more difficult to find a mechanic in your new town. And lastly, have your alarm system disabled to prevent it from going off during transit.

 √ – Take more pictures. You took pictures of the dents and marks, but don’t stop there. Ask you mechanic to take pictures of the engine and interior (the places that make no sense to you, but that are important). Take pictures of all angles, inside and out. This is a precautionary measure you will be glad you took!

 √ – Lastly, inspect car for damages upon delivery.  Before you accept delivery, examine everything. Once you sign on the dotted line, there isn’t much the shipper will do. Take your time and review. Don’t be afraid to have a mechanic friend inspect with you. Be safe and protect your interests!

Shipping Your Car

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