Anabolic and androgenic steroids

Steroids have become a health style option and many people who need to lose weight, gain weight, build their body and many others with similar grounds have started using them. Steroids are capable of changing the natural hormone secretion in the body and give required results to the end users. There are two effective types of steroid users are looking for. Anabolic steroids mainly focus on building lean muscles and gives ripped framework to the user. While androgenic steroids are said to increase male characteristics in a user. Thus professionals such as bodybuilders and weightlifters look for steroids that have both these characteristics, so they can be double effective.

Primobolan and its effects on usage

Primobolan is one such steroid that has both anabolic and androgeniceffects on a user. Usually, not all steroids have both the characteristics. Such drugs which give a combination effect are said to be highly effective and users will have to be cautious while using these products. Per day and weekly dosages should be administered as per recommendation. Similarly, Primobolan is said to be safe and effective when taken a moderate dosage per week. Since this drug is highly unstable this is recommended for use only with a valid prescription. But there are many people who go for this drug without a valid prescription. They get this product from underground labs and the black market. In such cases, users will have to be double careful and will have to revalidate their product multiple times to check they have not got a counterfeit product. This is a very an effective product and even a milligram dosage is said to produce more variations in a user. Thus, users should exercise caution while in taking this product on a regular basis.

Dosage and availability of this drug

This product as it is highly unstable is banned in many countries, including the U.S. there are some alternatives available in the market or the same product is known by many acronyms like Nibal, Methenolone, Primonabol, etc. the dosage prescription varies from person to person. This product is available in both injectable and capsule form and the dosage intake for each of them vary. Since even a milligram intake can cause a difference, caution should be exercised while using this product. This drug is not available in most of the countries. But due to the effectiveness, this is preferred by many users. These users try to obtain this product from the black market and start using it. This drug can be found easily in India and used casually there since the rules and regulations with respect to steroids are bit liberal there.

Legal and safety issues

So, users who use this drug if they limit their usage to moderate dosage per week or month are in for many wonderful effects. Also, before ordering the product users are asked to check the validity of the product and reliability of the seller. Purchase of these products from a reputed and reliable site is recommended than purchasing it from the unknown vendor or intermediate people. Users who use this product should also know if this can be legally used in their geographic location without any issues.

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