6 Unique Party Ideas

Do you find yourself struggling to find good party ideas? Perhaps your friends and family have grown tired of the wine mixers with the boring cheese spread. Here are some ideas to liven-up your next get-together:

Around the World

Randomly assign your party guests countries or regions (or perhaps even continents) of the world, and have them set up a particular room or space in the party venue reflecting that region. This would include decorations, specific types of alcohol, drinking games, and maybe even a special toast. To make it a little more authentic, skip the random selection and simply ask your guests to exhibit from among their own personal heritage. This theme provides the added bonus of learning something about a culture different from your own. People might even discover some connections between each other that they didn’t know existed.

Era Party

No list of party theme ideas would be complete without mention of the perennial favorite. Whether you lived through the era or not, there’s just something magical about harking back to a foregone time. Throw some gin in the bathtub, bust out the jazz music, put on your best flapper dress or coat and tails and you’re back in roaring twenties. Baz Luhrmann’s recent rendition of The Great Gatsby would be a great place to start for costume ideas.

Pop on some Hendrix and Janis Joplin and prepare to warp your guests back to the groovy sixties (Austin Powers costumes apply here too), maybe even have your own mini re-creation of Woodstock. Or maybe you’re more fond of the disco-dancin’ seventies; just make sure there’s an abundance of afros and bell bottoms to go around. And of course, there’s the heavyweight champion of the era party: the eighties party. There are several sub-genres to choose from in this particular category. You can go full-on eighties metal hair band with ripped jeans and shirts. Or on the other end of the spectrum you can go eighties synth pop with neon colors and leggings.

Friends II

For the more bold party host there is the nineties party. It may have a little more angst than some other eras, but it works nonetheless. Crank up the Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana and have some Friends, Full House, or Family Matters playing in the background. Dig out your old Jansport backpack, put on your Tevas, feather your bangs, and get rockin’.

A Little Bit of Everything

If “self-conscious” is a term unheard of in your circle then the lingerie/underwear party is always a hit. Just beware that some guests may not comply with the dress code (or lack thereof). If yours is a classy group, then a white tie or black tie event is a good excuse to pull that tux or ball gown out of the back of the closet. The “come as your favorite celebrity” party usually draws an eclectic bunch of costumes, and your guests can take turns guessing who is who. Pirates and wenches is often a good segue into rum-soaked debauchery, and a buried treasure hunt could be thrown in as a nice touch.

Whatever theme you choose, a good mix of drinks (alcoholic and non) is always a good place to start. Include a few nibbles to maintain a hint of sobriety, and make sure people are enjoying themselves. Also, try to keep the controversial and offensive themes to a minimum.

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