6 Tips for Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

1. You may pay more or less than another person who has the same vehicle you do.

Don’t make the frustrating mistake of comparing what you pay for your car insurance policy against what another person pays for their car insurance policy. Even if you’re both the same age, same gender, amazingly live in the same neighborhood and drive the same vehicle, you could pay differing amounts. Why? Well, auto insurance companies don’t just look at what you drive, how you drive it, and your basic “stats” – they also look at your credit history and the other drivers in your home. If you have bad credit as well as a spouse, your single neighbor might be paying less than you for the exact same coverage. ‘Dems the breaks.

2. Don’t over-purchase.

When checking out coverage options for Columbia car insurance, balance the need to play the “What If?” game with logistics. What if you’re in a car accident with a three year old $35,000 SUV? You better make sure you have comprehensive coverage. But what if you’re in a car accident with a nine year old $15,000 car? That vehicle’s going to be written off and the insurance company will cut you a check, but chances are that check will be worth a lot less than perhaps six months worth of insurance coverage. In this case, it makes sense to drop your coverage to the lowest possible comprehensive tier, or even consider a liability-only type of coverage.

3. Shop smart.

In going along with what has already been mentioned, your premiums will be directly affected by the type of vehicle you drive. As much as you may want that fully loaded third-row-included SUV, consider what such a monstrosity will cost you not just in car payments and gas, but in monthly insurance premiums. Considering downgrading by even a couple of thousand dollars, and you could save substantially.

4. Maintain consistent coverage.

Don’t let your insurance lapse for more than 30 days, or else your now-former insurance company will report the lapse to your state’s transportation agency as well as the credit bureaus. Your scores will take a dive, and you may have to pay more for your next policy.

5. Compare car insurance.

The best way you hit in choosing your car insurance is to compare between the possibilities offered by the market, so you are sure that you hire the best value on your insurance relationship. But remember, not always cheap insurance is the right one; you should consider whether your level of coverage is best for you and your vehicle.

6. Security.

If your car has some kind of security system, such as alarm, immobilizer, etc.. You can get discounts on premiums for your car insurance.

I hope these tips serve useful to help you save on your car insurance. Remember that the best insurance is the one that gives you the most suitable level of coverage for you and your car, so compare prices and coverage and find the right insurance for your needs.

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