5 Items to Keep in Your Car in Case of Emergency

emergency vehicle kit

It is critical to keep a number of items in your car – just in case. A lot of us spend our lives in the car – commuting to work or running errands. On some days, it seems like you might as well keep a blow up mattress in the trunk. If you spend this much time in your car, you probably don’t want to keep an inflatable mattress in your car, but you want to keep a number of emergency items that will come in handy in case the worst happens. Would you know what to do if you became stranded? What happens if you see a collision and someone needs help? This is why you want to keep an emergency vehicle kit and other items inside your car at all times. Here are five items to keep in your car in case of an emergency.

emergency vehicle kit

  1. A warm blanket. A warm blanket is imperative, because you just never know what is going to happen. If your vehicle breaks down or stalls in especially cold weather – and you can’t use the heater to stay warm – a blanket could mean the difference between suffering from hypothermia and holding on until emergency responders arrive.
  2. An extra cellphone. It is also important to have an extra cellphone in your glove compartment. Ideally, you want the phone to be a simple pre-paid mobile phone that can be easily accessed. In most cases, you don’t want a smartphone, because it may be harder to get a signal. So, you may want to think about heading to a phone carrier’s retail outpost and ask about different prepaid plans. They will usually set up a phone for you – all you have to do is keep it in your vehicle.
  3. Bottled water. Also in your emergency kit, you want to keep a gallon or two of water in your trunk. Anything more than that and you can become weighed down, but you want to keep a fresh source of water in your car at all times. Ideally, you want to look for glass bottles of water, because plastic can erode overtime – especially in the heat of your trunk. The last thing you want is to become stranded and realize that you have tainted water.
  4. Emergency lights. It is also critical that you have some sort of lighting system that can alert other drivers. If your battery dies and your car’s emergency blinkers stop working, having a set of LED lights will alert other drivers that your car is stalled. In fact, if you visit LED Outfitters, you will find some of the same lights that emergency vehicles use to alert other drivers. The last thing you want is to put yourself in danger when your car breaks down.
  5. Bandages, scissors and other first-aid instruments. If you become injured during a collision, it could save your life if you have some of these first-aid instruments. For instance, if you are wounded, you will want to stop the bleeding with bandages. In the end, having a first-aid kit in your car is just as important as keeping one at home.

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