5 Essential Safe Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

Winter Driving Tips

Safety is important for truck drivers, regardless of what season it is. However, in the wintertime, safety is even more vital. Ice, sleet and snow can create problems for four-wheel drivers – so you can imagine what kind of risks it can create for truckers. There are many safety precautions you must follow when the snow is coming down hard. With a truck that size and with that many wheels, your response time needs to be almost instantaneous, so it is critical to always be alert and on the ready. You just never know when you have to slam on your breaks. Here are five essential safe winter driving tips for truckers.

Winter Driving Tips

  1. Keep your eyes peeled. Winter driving safety starts with a sense of always being on the ready. Not only do you want to keep your mirrors positioned accordingly – so that you can see your blind spots – but you also have to be constantly aware of the road. In the wintertime, you shouldn’t only be thinking of the cars in front of you – you also want to think about the forth or fifth row of cars in front of you.
  2. Have your breaks inspected. Your truck’s breaks are an essential factor in your ability to be safe on the road. Without properly maintained and tuned-up breaks, your truck could actually be a safety hazard. If you visited BestDriverJobs.com and got a job with a truck driving fleet, there is a good chance that your employer inspects your breaks for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a quick inspection yourself. For instance, if you hear any loud noises or creaking – or if you notice signs of wear and tear – be sure to get your breaks fixed immediately.
  3. Check your tire tread. If you drive an eighteen-wheeler, you should make sure that each and every tire is working in tip-top condition. Not one of your tires should be showing signs of wear or flattening tread. If you see any issues with your tread, you want to replace the tire immediately. If you are traveling on icy roads, you certainly don’t want to take the chance. Also, you may want to keep an extra couple of pairs of tire chains in your truck – just in case.
  4. Keep your speed to a minimum. In the winter, it is important to keep your truck in the slow lane. The last thing you want to do on icy roads is run your truck faster than it should go, because this can increase the chances of your truck hydroplaning. When a large truck hydroplanes, not only can you be in danger – so can everyone else who is on the road.
  5. Keep jumper cables in your truck. You never know when your battery is going to die. The last thing you want is to have your truck blocking traffic in low visibility on the side of the road. Not only that, but you want to stay warm too. In the end, jumper cables are a simple solution to what could become a big problem.

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