5 Adventurous and Sporty Activities for Your Next Family Vacation

family vacation

family vacation

Some families love to languish on a sunny beach while others would rather get dressed to the nines and hit the baccarat tables. But if everyone in your family loves to get outdoors and work up a sweat, a sporty and adventurous vacation is likely your best bet for fun. And you have no shortage of options when it comes to a choose-your-own-adventure vacation. You’ll want to think about whether hot or cold weather is more your style, as well as the level to which you plan to fuel your adrenaline-junkie proclivities. But with these criteria in mind, your next adventure is little more than a few clicks of the mouse away. Here are some activities that you might want to consider when planning your next family vacation.

  1. Skiing. With winter weather in full swing across the northern hemisphere, there’s no better way to get sporty than with a holiday ski trip that takes full advantage of both time off work and fresh powder on your favorite runs. If you happen to live in a wintry clime, you should have no problem finding nearby ski resorts to accommodate you. Otherwise you could target any number of options up and down the Rockies (in Colorado, Idaho, and Montana, for example) or even set your sights on the Alps and the many beautiful ski resorts this region offers, some of which allow you access to numerous mountains with a single pass (and a lot of lifts).
  2. Scuba diving. If you’re SO over the howling winds and freezing temps of winter, perhaps it’s time to plan a retreat to an island paradise where you can hike to volcanoes, windsurf, and sample the warm, cerulean waters while getting a gander at local marine life. Whether you head to Australia’s coastline, the beaches of Hawaii, or a gorgeous Caribbean island, you’ll have the opportunity to ogle an array of brightly-colored fish, swim with sharks (if you so choose), and return home at the end unseasonably tanned.
  3. Safari. When it comes to adventure, you might find that a safari delivers the thrills you’re seeking in the way of wild animal sightings and glorious, untamed expanses. Although you might not get in a ton of sport on such a vacation, you’ll no doubt have plenty of chances to hike. And you’ll get to enjoy the warm weather of the southern hemisphere while winter rages in your absence.
  4. Skydiving. This isn’t an activity for every family, and children under a certain age won’t be allowed to participate at all (in which case you might be keen to try something like bungee jumping or white water rafting instead). But for the adrenaline junkies out there that have tried every other form of adventure, there’s no better way to fire up the old ticker than with a heart-pounding leap from a perfectly good airplane.
  5. Sport-centric vacation. Whether your book a tennis trip with a company like Travels with Soha, you head to Scotland for a golf vacation, or you decide to take a 4-day, guided hike to Machu Picchu, a vacation that centers on activity could be just the ticket for a sporty family seeking a little adventure and a chance to get moving. And you’ll find that such trips are easy to plan when you have an agency that specializes in sport travel doing the heavy lifting for you.


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