4 Important Reasons to Receive Regular Oil Changes

change the oil

It is a good idea to change your oil every 7,000 miles. You can either have your oil changed with your mechanic or do it yourself.

Regular oil changes are necessary to extend the life of your engine. Here are several reasons that you should be aware of. You can purchase the parts needed to change your oil on your own if you don’t want to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Lubricated Parts Last Longer

Oil is a lubricant for your engine. Your engine parts will start to grind against each other if there isn’t enough oil, which will reduce their life expectancy. Topping your engine with plenty of oil will keep them working properly.

change the oil

Keep Debris Out of Your Engine

Dust and other debris will gradually build up in your oil over time. This can clog up your engine and keep it from working properly. You will need to make sure that the oil is changed regularly to remove any gunk that has accumulated.

Avoid Overheating

Oil also plays a role in your cooling system. Your oil may burn over time, which can cause it to start overheating. You should check it regularly on your own, but it is sometimes a good idea to take your vehicle to your mechanic. They will help make sure that it is topped off.

Prevent Low Oil Pressure Failures

Your engine can fail entirely if your oil pressure is very low. The oil pump will stop working properly, which will cause the rest of the parts of the engine to stop moving altogether. You should see a low oil pressure light, but it is usually too late to do anything at this point.

You will need to make sure that your engine levels are checked regularly. Your mechanic will also see if there are any leaks that could cause your oil pressure to drop.

Clogged Oil Filters

You also need to make sure that your oil filters are changed once in a while. They will start to accumulate residue, which will cause additional debris to build up over time. Clogged filters will eventually stop collecting more contaminants, so they will collect in your oil instead. You will want to have your filters inspected to identify these problems early on.

Receive Regular Oil Changes

Anyone driving a vehicle that uses synthetic oil should have their oil changed every 7,000 miles. People driving vehicles with regular oil should have it changed twice as frequently. A standard oil change should cost less than $70. It is well worth the cost of preventing engine problems that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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