4 great ways to sell your Rolex watch

rolex watch

rolex watch

If they haven’t done so before, the owner of a Rolex watch might not know of the many ways in which they can sell it. When searching for a way to sell Rolex watches, their owner could resort to choosing the first option which springs to mind. In order to get the best price, consider the following:

Social media

Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have changed how the world communicates. Not only can friends and contacts stay in touch with each other via social media but goods can also be sold, such as Rolex watches. A group can be created on Facebook, such as for the sole purpose of selling a valuable model. A relevant hashtag can be used on tweets which also include a photograph that has been taken of a Rolex watch. As hashtags can be read across the world, a Rolex watch can be sold to someone who lives thousands of miles away.


An internet auction site, EBay can be used for selling a wide range of goods, such as Rolex watches. Once a listing has been created, a Reserve Price has to be set so that it doesn’t sell for less than its true value. Photographs can also be uploaded of a serial number or Certificate of Authenticity. By setting an auction so that it lasts for thirty days, there will be plenty of opportunities for potential buyers to place bids. When an auction runs for several weeks and not a couple of days, a considerable number of people can add a Rolex watch to their ‘Watch List’.

Websites that specialise in buying Rolexes

One of the most popular ways to sell a Rolex watch, a website that buys them can pay more. After initially entering information onto an enquiry form, such as if its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity or how old a Rolex watch is, it will then be assessed once it has been sent in a delivery pack. Once a Rolex watch has been assessed, its owner will be given a quote. When a quote is accepted, funds are transferred into a bank account within a couple of days. In fact, it can take as little as two hours for money to be deposited into a bank account.


If the owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t want to sell it online, they can choose a jeweller instead. By taking along the relevant documentation and any other items, such as a Certificate of Authenticity and an official box, its owner won’t have to wait for cash to arrive because they are paid once a quote is accepted. There are many ways in which jewellers pay for Rolex watches. Along with cash, a cheque can also be issued. If its former owner doesn’t object to carrying thousands of pounds in their wallet or purse because money is needed very quickly, they can decide to sell their Rolex watch to a jeweller.



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