4 Great Reasons to Use Alternative Transportation

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The personal automobile is no doubt the king of the roadway. Cars are popular around the world, especially in first-world countries. A few years ago the number of vehicles on Earth surpassed one billion. The overflow of personal vehicles is inflicting a lot of damage on both Earth and its citizens. Luckily, many methods of alternative transportation are available. These transportation methods include walking, bicycles, scooters, buses, trains, taxis, carpools, ride shares and much more. The alternative transportation types offer some significant benefits as compared to personal car use, as detailed in the four arguments below.

Environmental Sustainability

Personal vehicles are a detriment to the environment. Not only do they release a great deal of pollutants when they are driven, which destroy the ozone layer and atmosphere, the manufacture of cars requires an unsustainable number of resources as well. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid the negative environmental impacts of driving a car by combining transportation needs and using public transportation. If you live close enough, consider walking or biking to work or to run errands. For those who live in an area where public transportation is nonexistent, consider setting up a carpool with co-workers, parents, or other folks in similar situations. While you’re still using fuel and producing pollution, at least the amount per person is significantly reduced with a carpool.

Increased Savings

Cars are expensive to own, fuel, and maintain. The initial cost is quite expensive and you have a car payment every month. You also have to register it, perform maintenance checks, purchase insurance, fill it with ever more expensive fuel, and pay for all necessary repairs. The costs quickly add up and they can put quite a strain on an already tight budget. You can always sell your car and stick to public transportation for a much cheaper alternative. It is a great idea to join a car share for access to a car on an affordable as needed basis. If you can’t sell your car use public transportation or other alternative methods whenever possible to at least save on fuel and repairs.

Reduce Stress and Time

Public transportation offers some relief from stress. If you take the train to work, instead of having to focus on traffic during rush hour, you can relax and read a book or catch up on work. It provides some much needed time to yourself which greatly reduces stress. The longer your commute the more stressed and fatigued you are, but using a train can cut your commute time in half if traffic is especially awful. Reducing stress helps lower the incidence of fatigue, bad moods, headaches, irritability, and other afflictions.

Inevitable Exercise and Health Improvements

Choosing to bike, walk, skate, or get to work via some other self-powered method is great exercise. If you live too far to bike or walk, take the bus or train and get off at an earlier stop to walk to your destination. Between the exercise and reduced stress and financial strain, you are sure to see countless health benefits as a result of taking alternative transportation.

If the environment matters to you in any way, taking public transportation, biking, walking, or finding another alternative to a personal vehicle is a must. It’s a challenge to abandon completely your personal vehicle, so start by incorporating alternative transportation whenever possible. It provides affordable, sustainable, healthy alternatives to sitting in your car for many hours every week.

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