2016 International Achievement Awards now open for the fabric industry

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) holds its annual achievement awards every year. This year marks the 69th year that the awards have been held and there are several exciting new categories, with companies specialising in fabric architecture and the design of fabric structures encouraged to enter.

Although fabric architecture is not a new idea, developments in the industry in recent decades have led to it being a viable and vibrant alternative to bricks and mortar. Here we look at some of the reasons to celebrate fabric architecture.

Innovation and flexibility

Tensile fabric structures are lightweight and extremely versatile, with designers taking advantage of these factors to ensure that they create exactly the right space for their clients. Fabric structures can be used instead of traditional bricks and mortar or in conjunction with more traditional building materials. As the fabric is so light, ceilings and enclosures can be structured differently to create innovative interiors and spectacular exteriors.

Cost effective and energy efficient

Creating a fabric structure is typically much cheaper than building a similar-sized structure using more traditional materials. There is far less site preparation at the start of the process; in addition, as fabric structures are created from the ground up, their construction does not contaminate groundwater – always an expensive possibility with conventional building methods.

They also typically use less energy to create and to maintain, as there is less fuel and heavy industry activity associated with their creation and they are typically light. At the same time the insulating properties of modern fabrics ensure that heating your fabric structure is not ridiculously expensive, even in challenging conditions.

Permanent or transportable

Fabric structures can be extremely durable and take the place of traditional structures or they can be moved from place to place, facilitating different uses and even reselling. Companies such as http://fabricarchitecture.com/ will be able to discuss the best kind of fabric structure for your particular needs and you can find out more about the advantages of fabric architecture online.

Among the categories available for entry this year are Fabric Structures; Awnings and Canopies; Marine; Fabric Environments; Advanced Textiles; and Geosynthetic Projects. The winners will feature on the IFAI website and will be displayed at this year’s annual IFAI Expo.

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